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e-Commerce KPI

With this dashboard retailers will be able to track where their revenue comes from as well as what their customer profile is from their geographic location to their online behavior.

Combine your E-commerce platform data with your Google Analytics, social media and marketing applications' data to learn what drives your sales and business. Get more information on how your customers respond to your campaigns and what triggers orders.


Pricing and Supply

This dashboard template can be used if you need quick insight into your supply chain for any kind of product. For this template, we look at electronic products sales and inventory. Units shipped, sold and on hand are clearly visualised.

Estimate the number of sales when your products' prices increase or decrease in order to optimize your pricing strategy. Monitor your inventory in real-time to be ahead of the ball when it comes to restock.

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Client Acquisition

A dashboard for online retailers which helps to quickly identify the most efficient channels. Monitor conversion rates, new customer traffic, channel revenue and optimize your marketing activities based on results.

Connect your e-commerce platform, Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and Google Ads accounts to ClicData and use this dashboard example to get the information you need to make smarter decisions.


Retailer Analysis

The Retailer Analysis dashboard provides dynamic insights into the store level data for an independent wholesaler. Financial performance can be tracked by location over time.

Store Managers can monitor their point of sales' performance with their own dashboards. ClicData allows retailers to have custom reports for any level of management.

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