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Project Status

Track project costs and progress. The dashboard allows project managers to track monetary and resource budgets.

Gauge indicators provide clear and concise visualization of a metrics progress to an end point.

Utilise indicators to quickly compare actual performance to pre-defined goals.

Compare demand and capacity over the timeline of a project.


project sprint report

Use this dashboard template to monitor your project sprints' progress.

Track completed tasks, the number of blocked items, and the progress of everyone in your team.

You can build this dashboard with our Airtable, ProofHub, or Basecamp connectors.

Productivity KPIs

Easily identify employee productivity and utilized time.
The dashboard helps managers to monitor KPIs for employee timesheet reports.

Categorize your data by the department to identify overload or under-utilization of resources.

Compare goals to achievements to identify if projects/workers are on course to efficiently achieve targets.

User parameters can be implemented to share the dashboard amongst several teams allowing each user access to data directly concerning them.


Cashflow overview with zenkit data

With this dashboard based on a Zenkit Invoices collection, get a quick overview of your financial balance in real-time and your monthly revenue of the last 12 months.

Unpaid Invoices ranked by age will help you follow up on getting the money from your clients.

Use the Customer map to filter clients by country and assign the follow up to the corresponding sales rep.

Keep an eye on the most recent paid invoices to make sure the money keeps coming in.

Example Dashboard Zenkit

build project dashboards with your own data

Import all your project and tasks data into your ClicData account, and track your KPIs in real-time in your project tracking dashboards.

You can use these dashboards during your team meetings or monitor your project progress every day on your office TV screen.

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