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Hotel Revenue

Get an instant overview of the revenue status for your hotels.

The dashboard helps stakeholders to track and visualize the KPIs related to the bookings’ performance and rooms sold.

Segment your data by source of business and report Occupancy, ADR and RevPar by transient, group and contract.

Improve your day-to-day operations by keeping an eye on the occupancy and check it against your targets.

Share one dashboard with different stakeholders and allow them to filter and drill into the  information they are looking for.

Survey Results

Are your clients happy with the services provided?

Gather data from your clients using surveys and visualize it by building key metrics like NPS score, satisfaction rate, participation ratio.

Segment your participants by age, demographics and check the performance on a daily basis.

Hotel Management

The dashboard helps hotel managers get a full overview of the hotel key metrics in a glimpse.

Check the bookings’ source and the financial status against your targets.

On a daily or monthly basis, you can check the revenue figures and forecast the numbers for the upcoming months.

Hotel Customer Satisfaction Report

Get an insight into the customers’ feedback for your hotel and events.

Check which market segmentations are happy to recommend your services.

Transparent and efficient metrics will help you identify the areas which need to be improved in your business.

The dashboard shows on a monthly basis the evolution of customer satisfaction’s KPIs