Our platform is far more complete and advanced than any other BI software you can find but we are not done.  We are implementing new innovating features every month and have so many more planned...


The Future of Business Intelligence

The future is outpacing our ability to see into it. Big Data. Predictive analytics. Cloud computing. Data visualization. Data scientists. Artificial intelligence.

The future is now. And ClicData is here. To start, Amazon provided the cloud infrastructure; Salesforce proved that applications could run on it. Now, customers benefit from not having to worry about hardware or software issues onsite. It’s simply that simple. You pay for a reliable service that works, and that improves faster than if you were doing it yourself.

We built the first three prototypes of ClicData from 2008 to 2013. It was the culmination of five years of research and on how to deliver a high quality online data and dashboard analytics tools, available to anyone in a matter of seconds.

Between 2013 and 2015 we offered ClicData in "beta" for free to ensure we had the right architecture, reaching 32,000 active accounts.  It proved that we were ready and surpass any other BI platform out there.

Today we are on our way to be the leading 100% Cloud Business Intelligence End to End Platform.  We host over 10TB of data and publish over 30,000 dashboards on a daily basis for our customers.  ClicData is the future of BI.


Our Ambition


Our ambition is to be the number 1 player in the BI market and in cloud-based BI Analytics, dashboard and reporting. We have a unique value proposition to offer our customers that few can compare to. And we just got started…

Our vision is to allow any business to connect to any data source, no matter where it lives, no matter its platform or format. To be able to clean and standardize it across the landscape of data sources to make it usable and meaningful.

To be able to visualize it in charts, tables, words, sounds. And then: to share it with anyone, at the click of a button. And to share it automatically when milestones are reached, courses need correcting, or people simply need to be informed. And then: to let people do all this remotely, when desired, with a browser of choice.

But that is just the basic offering. We want to provide our customers with the power of Predictive Analytics. The ability to forecast and segment data to retrieve more valuable insights.

More intelligent use of the software that provides accurate suggestions on how to visualize and use the data based on the knowledge of the many.


Product Roadmap

We have a lot of items in our backlog but the ones we are focusing on 2020-2021 are:

New Modules

  • Predictive Analytics Module
  • Data Post Processing
  • Data Flow Designer
  • Report Module

New Connectors

  • Shopify - Released
  • LinkedIn - Released
  • Bing Ads - Released
  • JIRA - Released
  • Trello
  • Podio
  • Sellsy
  • Insightly CRM
New Visualizations
  • Bullet Chart - Released
  • Gantt Chart - Released
  • OHLC/Candlestick Chart - Released
  • Sankey Chart - Released
  • Bubble Map Widget
  • Scorecard Table


  • Global Filters - Released
  • Grid Layout Dashboard Designer
  • Office365 Login and Signout  (SSO)
  • New Report Designer
  • Visualization Animations
  • Chart Annotations
  • API v2

Did We Forget Something?