Student Performance Reporting

Saving precious admin time issuing individual reports for hundreds of students in multiple schools across multiple facilities and specialties.

Why do schools and universities come to us? 

  • No easy way to pull grades for all subjects to create a comprehensive student report 
  • Looking for a better way to inform and notify educators and school donors 
  • Need to enable each student in monitoring their performance upon their target grades 

Your Data

  • Shared drives
  • Emails
  • Online forms
  • Spreadsheet

Your insights

  • Grade per subject
  • Progress against
  • Class and overtime
  • Average per subject
  • Performance per student and per class

Customer Story: Beacon Hill

With ClicData, Beacon Hill is able to automate the custom report creation using Salesforce to monitor the success of their students based on their unique methodology/approach

performance tracking example

Main reason they chose ClicData:

Ability to unify data from multiple forms and to customize the different view and reports for a reasonable price.

Where is your data sitting?

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Dashboard example for better student performance tracking


Student Performance tracking

With this dashboard, schools and universities can improve performance tracking both at the student level and the class level. Students can monitor their progress and teachers can get insight into students' performance and the quality of their program.