Operations Efficiency

Monitor all of your operations to improve the quality of care delivery across all specialties and the overall financial performance of your healthcare organization.

Why healthcare providers come to us?

  • Looking to optimize capacity utilization and resource allocation
  • Need to constantly improve their facility’s profitability
  • No time to manually consolidate performance based on each department’s system


Your Data

  • Payroll
  • Charges
  • Billing & Collections
  • EDI
  • Payer Contracts
  • Admissions and Discharges
  • OR Utilization

Your KPIs and alerts

  • Bed Capacity 
  • Labor Productivity
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Days to Bill/Collect
  • Facility grading
  • ROI per patient
  • Surgical Room Turnover


Customer Story: Solvitix

Provide insight into patient access and identify areas for remediation or improvement to various sizes and types of healthcare practices.

optimizing healthcare performance

Main reason they chose ClicData:
The ability to provide cross-functional reporting using various types of data sources; incorporating our methodology to performance improvement to drive real changes in our customer operations.

Where is your data sitting?

ftp data connectionweb service connectororacle database logosql server logo

Dashboard example for Operations efficiency tracking

private practice efficiency tracking


With this dashboard, you can make sense of the performance of any private practice who is looking to optimize its resources allocation and patients’ care quality. It includes key indicators such as average time spent per consultation and patient satisfaction evaluation gradings progress overtime.