Live Implementation Updates

Provide your customers with a clear view of the progress of your technical implementations and make your services that much more accessible with transparent communication.

Why technical consultants come to us?

  • Their customers are demanding updates and proactive communications on the project progress
  • No time to keep sending email and organizing meetings and produce a compiling status update
  • Need to showcase their agility and quality of service when dealing with obstacles or plan changes.


Your Data

  • Project Management software
  • Ticketing systems
  • Excel files
  • Planning software


Your KPIs and alerts

  • Milestones achieved
  • Plan deviation
  • Identified challenges and resolutions in place
  • Progress overview against planning


Where is your data sitting?

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Dashboard example for live implementation updates

sprint report dashboard


With this dashboard, enable your customers to monitor your project progress. Project owners and stakeholders get to access completed tasks, the number of blocked items, and the progress of everyone in the team.