Integrated Business Intelligence

Complete your software suite with a top of line Business Intelligence platform and save some previous development time for other core features of your offering.

Why Software editors come to us?

  • Need to keep their developers focused on improving the core product
  • Answering their customers’ BI needs via custom development is not profitable
  • Looking to deliver a BI feature with enough functionality in a timely manner

Your Database 

  • Local
  • Cloud
  • Relational
  • Non relational
  • Transactional

Insights for your customers

  • Whatever KPIs will make your software even more relevant

Where is your data sitting?

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Data Visualization examples to enhance your software suit

Dashbord Examples

mql sql funnel analysis

MQL/SQL Funnel Analysis

Manage your Sales and Marketing teams with real time conversion rates and channel performance tracking.

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income expense analysis

Income and Expense Analysis

Compare Budget with Actuals and keep track of your financial health with interactive P&L and Cash balances

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regional sales analysis

Regional/Segment Sales Analysis

Compare your sales teams’ performance by region and segment and make sure you’re on track to your revenue generation goals.

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