Integrated Business Intelligence

Complete your hospitality software suite with top of the line BI platform and save some previous development time for other core features of your offering.

Why Software editors come to us?

  • Need to keep their developers focused on improving the core product
  • Answering their customers’ BI needs via custom development is not profitable
  • Looking to deliver a BI feature with enough functionality in a timely manner

Your Data

  • Local
  • Cloud
  • Relational
  • Non-relational
  • Transactional

Your KPIs and alerts

  • Daily occupancy rate
  • Booking sources
  • Revenue categories
  • ADR
  • RevPAR

Where is your data sitting?

mysql logocassandra logodynamodb logomongodb logoairtable logogoogle bigquery logoamazon redshift logo

Data Visualization examples to enhance your hospitality software suit

hotel management dashboard


With this dashboard, provide your customers with greater insights of their main booking sources and their revenue status against targets. It will help hotel and restaurant managers get a full overview of their facilities performance with the ability to quickly identify variances and drill down into each location to determine root causes.