Hiring Progress and Profile Analysis

Report the progress of your hiring activities to your customers by sharing a dynamic view of your candidate profiling and interview results.

Why HR agencies come to us?

  • Looking to add value added services to their offering with comprehensive HR analytics
  • No time for data analysis to improve the quality of their segmentation
  • Need to improve and automate the delivery of their project update report

Your Data

  • Survey software
  • HR software
  • Project Management tools
  • Planning system
  • Production software

Your KPIs and alerts

  • Conversion rate
  • Interviewed vs hired
  • Profile sources
  • Time to fill
  • Hiring rate

Customer Story: Mercuri Urval

Mercuri Urval is using ClicData to consolidate data from candidate surveys and 1-to-1 interviews and distribute hundreds of easy-to-read and up-to-date reports to their customers.

african applicant communicates with employer during interview in

Main reason they chose ClicData:
Ability to combine data from their survey tool and Excel spreadsheets, and the ability to deliver automatically attractive and valuable reports of interview progress to their clients. 

Where is your data sitting?

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Dashboard example to report interview results effectively

candidate interview dashboard

Interview progress report

With this dashboard, HR professionals can communicate the progress and status of the hiring interview process by job and by location, highlighting potential gaps between the job requirements and the candidates profiling.