Global account consolidation

Enhance the delivery of your financial reports by streamlining the inputs from the local teams and making your financial analytics more interactive and visual

Why Financial Directors come to us?

  • Wasting too much time trying to unify multiple reporting formats
  • Looking for a better way to alert the key stakeholders of critical financial events
  • Need to improve the reporting quality with more advanced analytics

Your Data 

  • Banks
  • Invoicing systems
  • ERPs
  • Excels 
  • CRMs

Your insights

  • Assets vs Liabilities
  • Net Profit Margin overtime
  • Operating income by product
  • Gross profit by country

Customer Story: Scrubbed

Scrubbed is a consulting firm specialized in corporate finance consolidation for organizations across all industries. They’re using ClicData to deliver a clear view of their customers’ financial health and performance.

Main reason they chose ClicData:
the ability to easily pull and combine data from any customer application, and the intuitive dashboard designer to build custom visualizations for their customers.

Where is your data sitting?

salesforce logosage50 logooracle database logoexcel logoquickbooks logofreshbooks logo

Financial dashboard example for better performance tracking

financial kpis overview dashboard

Financial Board Reporting

With this dashboard, provide your board with an easy-to-read overview of the financial metrics at the global level with consolidated indicators and the ability to drill down within each market segment and each Business Units.