Embedded Analytics

Provide your customers with an exceptional data driven experience regardless of their environment (Mac, Windows, Mobile), positioning your Consulting & Advisory services as a complete solution.

Why Consultants come to us?

  • Offer a data analytics solution with less maintenance/overhead associated with traditional BI
  • Eliminate client report duplication
  • Looking for new ways to expand their revenues
  • Flexibility of data connection options, able to adapt and cater to varying client needs

Your Data

  • Operations databases
  • ERP software
  • CRM software
  • Excel and flat files

Your KPIs and alerts

  • Points of operational inefficiencies
  • Comparison to industry and peers
  • Generated revenue and related ROI


Customer Story: FTI Consulting

Support their customers with an analytics solution for Performance Improvement for Labor Productivity,
Provider Productivity,and Perioperative Operations.

periop analytics turn over time

Main reason they chose ClicData:
Fully white labeled capabilities; our support to be able to build a solution that reflects their methodology, ability to scale across different client sizes, and flexible to meet new customer demands.

Where is your data sitting?

oracle database logonetsuite logosql server logomongodb logoexcel logo

Dashboard example for embedded analytics

labor analytics dashboard


With this dashboard, enable your customers with greater insights of their operational and organizational performance against departmental targets, with the ability to quickly identify variances and drill down into those departments to determine root causes.