Data aggregation efficiency

Improve your delivery time by building your data pipeline and automating the data transformations required for your data analysis.

Why data analysts come to us?

  • Looking for a low-code, no-code platform to aggregate data from many sources
  • Need to spend more time producing business insights than maintaining data lakes
  • Looking for ways to automate data cleansing and calculations

Your Data

  • CRM
  • ERP
  • Invoicing system
  • e-Commerce platform


Your KPIs and alerts

  • Scenario based sales projection
  • Forecasting production capacity
  • Pattern detection

Customer Story: Clubspeed

Clubspeed is a software for karting, trampoline and family entertainment centers. They have 500+ databases across the world and they’re using ClicData to centralize and unify that data.

clubspeed testimonial clicdata

Main reason they chose ClicData:
Ability to automate SQL queries, which enabled quicker and more accurate decision making, and ability to get their dashboards up and running in a day.

Where is your data sitting?

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Improve the quality of your analysis by unifying data sources

sales kpi dashboard

Management KPIs

With this dashboard, data analysts can showcase the highlights of their patterns analysis and select the most efficient visualizations to convey their recommendations while the data collection and aggregation is automated.