Customer profiling & segmentation

Focus your marketing efforts on the segments that matter by deepening your understanding of the market and your current customers’ behaviors.

Why Marketing teams come to us?

  • Need to improve the quality of their targeting and streamline their investment
  • Looking to create personas by tracking current customers’ interests and behavior characteristics
  • Need to increase the brand awareness amongst targeted communities

Your Data

  • Web analytics
  • Social Media
  • Marketing automation
  • CRM
  • Survey software


Your KPIs and alerts

  • Revenue by segment
  • Funnel by segment
  • Website journey by segment
  • Community engagement

Customer Story: Essensys

With ClicData, Essensys built custom sales and marketing conversion funnel to identify their customers’ very first touchpoint and accurately attribute revenue to their marketing channels.

Essensys Testimonial Clicdata

Main reason they chose ClicData:
the integration with HubSpot and our flexible and powerful data cleansing tools that empowered them to build custom visualizations and metrics.

Where is your data sitting?

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Dashboard example for better customer profiling and segmentation

customer profiling dashboard

Customer profiling

With this dashboard, marketing professionals will be able to identify their customer profile: geographic location, gender repartition, age, and online behavior. Break the silos by combining your e-commerce, social media, and marketing campaign data to get the whole picture of your business performance.