Customer experience tracking

Improve the quality of your customer service and overall customer experience during their stay or event participation at your facility by tracking their satisfaction efficiently

Why Hotel managers come to us?

  • Need to optimize the overall performance of their facility
  • No easy way of making sense of their survey results to adjust their services accordingly
  • Looking to improve their facility reputation on the social media

Your Data

  • Survey software
  • Spreadsheets
  • Planning softwar
  • Social media

Your KPIs and alerts

  • NPS
  • Participation ratio
  • Satisfaction survey
  • Social engagement

Where is your data sitting?

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Data Visualization examples to track your customer satisfaction

customer satisfaction dashboard


With this dashboard, hotel managers will access a consolidated view of their customer engagement during events or during their stay at a given facility.
It will allow them to track each location performance upon key metrics such as participation rates, satisfaction rates and the Net Promoter Score.