CSR Policies Execution

Communicate effectively your progress in implementing sustainability programs and diversity & inclusion policies in your organizations.

Why HR teams come to us?

  • Looking to promote their CSR successes to increase their HR budget
  • No easy way to measure the impact of these programs on employees and consumers
  • Need to improve their employer branding

Your Data

  • Survey software
  • HR software
  • Project Management tools
  • Planning system
  • Production software

Your KPIs and alerts

  • Satisfaction rate
  • Retention rate
  • Representation share
  • Staff engagement rate
  • NPS

Where is your data sitting?

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Dashboard example to evaluate CSR implementation progress

csr policy dashboard

Employee satisfaction

With this dashboard, HR Directors can track the impacts of implementing sustainability, diversity and inclusion programs in their organization by measuring their employee happiness overtime with indicators such as the NPS and satisfaction rate.