Continuous Education Performance

Provide your customers with interactive reports to allow them to monitor the impact of your training programs on the development of their teams.

Why training centers come to us?

  • No easy way to issue assessments and performance reports automatically
  • Looking for ways to improve their services and remain competitive
  • Need to enable each trainee in monitoring their performance upon their career plan

Your Data

  • Shared drives
  • emails
  • Online forms
  • Spreadsheet

Your KPIs and alerts

  • Grade per subject 
  • Progress overtime
  • Average per subject
  • Performance per t and trainee and per specialty

Where is your data sitting?

google drive logogoogle sheets logoexcel logoonedrive logopriority erp logo

Dashboard example for better training performance tracking


Training impacts

With this dashboard, training centers can provide their customers with a performance tracking method and help them identify easily their progress and potential areas for improvement in light of the company objectives and their personal job trajectory plan.