Analytical Financial Performance

Get an accurate picture of your financial health to assess your progress against budget, alert your management and teams to adjust plans accordingly.

Why pharmaceutical companies come to us?

  • No automated way to track key market statistics from external vendors (IMS Health)
  • Need to provide team leaders with an accurate view of their product line performance
  • Looking for a better format to report key financials to the board

Your Data

  • Market data from external vendors
  • ERP
  • CRM 
  • Internal databases
  • Budget Excels


Your KPIs and alerts

  • Revenue by product line
  • Objective reach
  • Market share
  • Market share growth against Y-1
  • Profitability by product line


Where is your data sitting?

ims health logologo salesforceoracle database logonetsuite logoexcel logomongodb logosql server logo

Dashboard example for analytical financial performance

pharma sales dashboard


With this dashboard, enable your team leaders with greater insights of their financial performance: combine financial, with ordered, shipped and delivered quantities as well as a comparison between the revenue and target. Filtering by products, customers and locations.