Academic recruiting and profiling

Optimize your recruiting process by profiling your candidates against your admission criteria and streamlining your advertising channels and interviewing process accordingly

Why schools and universities come to us?

  • Short on staff to run the admission interviews and overall recruiting process
  • Looking to improve their communication plans to attract specific segments
  • Need to be more competitive and specific in attracting the right profiles

Your Data

  • Shared drives
  • Emails
  • Online forms
  • Spreadsheet
  • ERP
  • CRM

Your Insights

  • Recruitment funnel
  • Interview results
  • Demographics
  • Conversion per recruitment channel

Where is your data sitting?

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Dashboard example for optimized student recruitment

candidate interview dashboard

Candidate interviews

With this dashboard, schools and universities can optimize their recruitment process upon their hiring funnel and interview results. Get a clearer and quicker view of your recruitment status: how many spots are still open and in which location, which program hired the most, how many students are interviewed against how many get accepted.