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You know your data very well but you just don’t have the time to create dashboards? Your data sources are complex and you are not quite sure how to best use them? Our business analysts are here for you.

What can we do for you?


We get to know your data and connect it to ClicData. We can get you connected to your local and remote data, cloud services, or to your local databases.


Using all available widgets, we bind the data and get the visualization just right. We can follow your corporate identity or that of your clients.

Clean & Transform

Cleaning up the data is critical to have proper visualizations and insights. We will add rules and transforms to ensure that all data is proper, every time.

Make it interactive

Add dynamic filters and drilldowns so that users can manipulate the dashboards and get their own answers. Filter data by user or teams.


We combine different data sources to get the results you need in answering “cause and effect” or “projected versus actuals” scenarios.


Setup dashboard publication and alerts, we schedule all data refreshes and dashboards distribution for you.

Let us take it from here!

Let our Business Analysts at ClicData bring their expertise to your business and do the work for you!