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Thursday, August 25, 2022

11 AM ETD | 8 AM PDT | 5 PM CET

Data in Retail: The Challenges of Building Omnichannel CX

Experts have been talking about omnichannel CX for years. As technology has evolved, the volume of accumulated data by IoT and eCommerce platforms has increased dramatically. Even still, retail brands are struggling to offer a seamless omnichannel CX.

Join the discussion on how retail brands can blend their physical and digital worlds and implement a data-driven omnichannel customer experience strategy with our experts, IV Dickson and Luke Fife.

Thursday, September 8, 2022

11 AM ETD | 8 AM PDT | 5 PM CET

ClicData 2022 New Features and Roadmap

In this webinar, our CTO, Telmo Silva, will show you all the great new features we introduced over the last few months such as Quick Insight and Snapshots, our new data connectors (Podio, Sellsy, Ring central), and major improvements.

He will also give you a preview of our product roadmap! Take a sneak peek at our upcoming features for Q4 2022/Q1 2023: Score Card Table Widget, Data Flow, and many more!

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Tracking Operational Metrics: Restaurants & Coffee Shops

If tracking your restaurant or coffee shop's metrics accurately & efficiently is still challenging for you, our Data Analyst shares in this webinar how to:

  • Track your revenue per cover, square foot, or seat hour
  • Measure and compare profitability per location
  • Synch your delivery partners, suppliers, and vendors' information to get a holistic view of your operational elements

Optimized Channel Performance Tracking in Retail

Our Data Analyst shares best practices and key features retailers leverage in ClicData to improve their channel performance reporting by:

  • Comparing channels' performance and ROI
  • Delivering the most up-to-date data to your team automatically
  • Triggering automatic alerts based on your sales data

Configuring SSO and Advanced Security on ClicData With okta

In this webinar, we will walk you through the process of configuring SSO in ClicData to be used with OKTA, a leading global Identity Platform.

Using an Identity Platform with ClicData has the benefits of centralizing your user security with other applications but also give you more flexibility in connecting customers using different security systems.

Enhance your Sales and Marketing Reporting with HubSpot & ClicData

You love HubSpot but your Marketing and Sales reporting lacks depth? In this webinar, we will show you how to make the most out of your HubSpot data with ClicData : Tracking your revenue generation against targets, connecting with other data sources, sharing your marketing and sales performance with board members...

Healthcare : Measuring performance with ClicData

In this webinar, our Senior Business Analyst will explain how to turn your healthcare data into actionable information by analyzing your raw data and augmenting it with our platform.

Gaining insights into your organizational performance and identifying potential improvement opportunities will lead to organizational improvements and competitive advantage.

2021.12.02 opinion mining and sentiment analysis


In this webinar, our Business Analysts will discuss best practices in implementing Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis.

You will learn how these Data Mining techniques can impact your business and how to perform them with ClicData.

cache feature webinar

Get Better Performance with the Cache Feature

In this webinar, one of our Product Specialists will walk you through the best practices when using ClicData's Cache Features.

You will learn when to use it, and how to implement it into your data processing workflow.

webinar product update sept 2021

Clicdata 2021 New Features Pt.2

Our CTO will walk you through all the great new features we introduced over the last few months such as New Widget - Map Bubble, Data Stream, new NetSuite Connector, Data Form Widget - New Features, and many others and will explain how to take full advantage of them.

He will also give you a preview of our product roadmap - take a sneak peek at our upcoming releases!

clicdata nps webinar

Leverage & Measure Customer NPS with ClicData

In this webinar, we are going to talk about the key metric that every customer success and support teams are obsessed with: the NPS (Net Promoter Score).

We are going to explain how you can leverage this KPI to improve your customer retention and how to measure it using ClicData.

product webinar 2021

ClicData 2021 New Features Pt.1

In the first part of this webinar series, you will be informed the highlights of our latest releases with an introduction of all the key features:

  • Connection broker
  • Data form widget
  • GraphQL connector
  • Enhanced security modes
webinar professional services

leveraging professional services for your firm

In this webinar, our VP of Professional Services will talk about how our team worked with clients from various sectors and helped implementing BI projects. We covered the process of how the team approached those clients and were able to provide a streamlined dashboard solving their problems.

webinar leveraging embedded analytics clicdata thumbnail

leveraging embedded analytics for your firm & customers

In this webinar, we talked about how to leverage embedded analytics in order to offer the best experience to all your customers, and how ClicData's White Label features can help you achieve that.

Thumbnail Common Data Issues

Common Data issues & how to solve them

In this webinar, our Product Specialists shared expert tips on how to take full advantage of our Data Management module and how to optimize your ETL process on ClicData.

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Webinar Aurora Clicdata

Aurora Release & 2021 roadmap

In this webinar, our CEO reveals our 2020.10 product release which is the biggest product update we introduced in a long time. He also introduces our product roadmap for 2021.

Webinar Airtable Clicdata Thumbnail

Airtable and Clicdata, better together

In this webinar, learn how to leverage your Airtable data by combining it with other sources and create a single source of information across your organization using ClicData’s BI platform.

Thumbnail - Webinar Measure Your Outbound Sales Activities

Measure your outbound sales activities

In this webinar, learn how to build consolidated reports with your CRM, telephony, campaign data to get the full picture of your sales team’s productivity and performance. We show you 4 dashboard examples built with ClicData that give you meaningful information and help you manage your BDRs and AMs.

Webinar Clicdata Summer Release 2020

ClicData Summer update

In this webinar, our Product Specialists will show you a preview of our upcoming and very exciting features scheduled for Q4 2020/Q1 2021.
They will introduce a lot of big changes in the UI; a lot of new data features, new widgets for your dashboards, and improvements to our web app.

Webinar Speed Up Data Loading Clicdata (1)

Speed Up Your Data Loading in ClicData

In this webinar, we show you how to speed up your data refreshes in ClicData using partial data loading techniques. Including a live demo of a full and delta loads Discover the best method to load your data.

Clicdata Webinar Data Analytics 101

data analytics & clicdata 101

In this webinar, we go back to the origins of data analytics and how it's used today for business management. We also cover the components of ETL (Extract Transform Load) and the different visualizations you can use in your dashboards and when you should use them. You can download the slide deck here.

Webinar Digitizing Orders Processing Reporting

digitizing your orders processing & reporting

In this webinar, James Powell from JPGlobal Solutions is going over the benefits of going paperless and through the example of the processing of the orders on paper vs. digitally, and how ClicData ties everything together.

Webinar Api Webservice

APIs & ClicData's Web Services connector

In this Webinar, learn how to take full advantage of our Web Services connector to collect automatically data from hundreds of applications through API. See how it works in a live demo.

ClicData Webinar BI Project Implementation

implement your bi project faster

Learn how to make your business BI-ready with our audience, data collection, call-to-action, and KPI wireframes. Our team of Business Analysts can help also help you implement your BI project faster with our Full-Service BI options.

Clicdata Webinar Dataviz Best Practices

data visualization: best practices

In this webinar, one of our Product Specialists is walking you through some of the best practices in data visualization. She's also giving you tips on how to keep your end-users engaged with your dashboards by keeping them clean and simple.

Clicdata Webinar Big Data

Big data & ClicData, get better reporting

Learn how to use ClicData and our connectors to your big data toolsets like Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift to create meaningful reports. Learn how to slice and dice your data, how to optimize your view and stored procedures and build the dashboards for your audience.

Webinar The Next Hot Thing In Bi

the next hot thing in business intelligence

Let's take a look at the Future of Business Intelligence and how ClicData will evolve to follow the trends. Get a sneak peek of our new features that will be launched on Q4 2019, Q1 and Q2 2020.

Clicdata Webinar Xero Connection

take advantage of xero with ClicData

In this webinar, learn how to connect, combine multiple Xero accounts data and build custom dashboards. We also illustrate how you can combine your financial data with CRM and marketing applications such as HubSpot.


marketing analytics & calculating ROI

Combine your sales, e-commerce and marketing campaigns data in a single dashboard to calculate your Customer Lifetime Value and your ROI.

Woocommerce Analytics Dashboard Webinar Clicdata

How to get the most out of your WooCommerce data

WooCommerce is an amazing and powerful e-commerce platform that allows you to easily manage your business.

With ClicData, you can connect and combine your financial and WooCommerce data to obtain actionable information to make informed decisions and grow your business.

Clicdata Webinar Google Analytics Connection

Create Google Analytics Insightful Dashboards

What if we told you there’s a way you could go further into your website data analysis using custom and interactive dashboards?

We will show you how to get the most out of your Google Analytics data using our direct connector, our data management features and advanced visualizations capabilities.

More webinars

white label features& Custom UI

We take you on a tour of our white label features and show you how flexible and customizable our interface is. Every detail, screen, emails, alerts, dashboards and links can be changed with your branding.


map & region visualizations

You probably need to visualize geo data to make better decisions to grow your business in every region. Interactive maps and geocoding are great visualizations and ClicData enables you to use them with a simple drag and drop.


advanced security & features

Data security is an obsession at ClicData. That's why we wanted to make sure every business can secure their data, dashboards, user accesses, sharing parameters... This webinar shows you the extend of our advanced security features.


connect & manage your website data

Our Product Specialist will show you how to connect your website data using our Google Analytics' native connector. You will also learn how to normalize and standardize your data with our integrated data warehouse and ETL features. You'll be a ClicData expert in no time with these tips!


Connect SugarCRM & advanced analysis

Your CRM systems are filled with valuable data for your sales teams. If you're using SugarCRM, ClicData offers a native connector that enables you to pull fresh data from this application automatically and visualize your KPIs in live dashboards. See how to get the most out of your CRM data in this webinar.

Co-Hosted Webinar
Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere is a comprehensive mobile app development platform that enables businesses to create business applications that are tailored to the mobile environment, their existing workflows, and other requirements.

Webcast focused on how ClicData integrates with Alpha Transform. Showcasing our Dashboards, Automation, Ease of use and how easy ClicData can be embedded.

Co-Hosted Webinar

Smartsheet is designed to unleash the benefits of greater work agility and collaboration by providing a powerful platform for organizations to plan, capture, manage, automate, and report on work. Smartsheet empowers teams to execute with speed and accountability — and make better decisions, faster.

Learn how to transform the data you have in Smartsheet into beautiful charts, graphs, and timelines with ClicData.

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