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YOUR FIRSTsteps in clicdata

Welcome to the ClicData BI platform! In this tutorial, familiarize yourself with our interface and quickly learn how to use it:

  • How to create your first data connection
  • How to schedule data refresh
  • How to organize your data warehouse and datasets
  • How works our dashboard designer

Happy Dashboarding! 


ClicData has a native connector to Google Sheets which allows you to create real-time and self-refreshed dashboards. In this step by step tutorial, we guide you through the whole process. The process applies to all cloud-based applications that you might use to store your business data.


More than just pretty charts, ClicData includes a data warehouse which allows you to not only centralize your business data but also to manage it properly. You can clean, combine, merge, transform, standardize your datasets all in one place. In this tutorial, learn how to merge data from multiple sources using our drag-and-drop modules. Prepping your data has never been easier!


Sharing your reports is always a struggle. From the moment you exported the data to the presentation, your data has changed. Besides, showing static data is not the best way to engage your team or customers with your dashboards. That's why we enable our users to easily share their live and dynamic dashboards via a simple LiveLink.

create your dashboards in a heartbeat

Thanks to our drag-and-drop dashboard designer, your dashboards are up and running within minutes. Learn how to use our +50 data visualization widgets to bring your data to life. Interactive maps, gauges, indicators, images, drill-down tables, pie charts, line charts and many more.

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