Use Machine Learning algorithms directly on your data, embed dashboards in portals or mobile applications, or add real-time integration to any external system.

With our dedicated offering and API you can do so much with ClicData.

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What can I do with an API?

Lots of things!  APIs (Application Program Interface) give you the ability to control most functionality in ClicData via your own application.  Here are some examples...

embedded reports

With our Live Links and API you can build embedded dashboards right in your core web applications.

Security and parameters can be passed along and interactions on the dashboards can take you back to the main application.

Actionable analytics is just one step away!


White Label Embedded Dashboard Crm
Mobile Dashboards Application

build mobile apps

Want your own dashboard mobile application, with your logo and branding?  Just use our Live Links and API to create and publish your mobile app for all major platforms.

Add an entire reporting module to your mobile app in minutes,

Want to Know More?

Go to our API help center where you can find out how to authorize, reference and use our API endpoints.

real-time data

When new data arrives in your application, you can send it at the same time via our API to ClicData and your dashboards will reflect that data immediately!

APIs are great to monitor events such as new sales, support tickets, sensor data (IoT), and many other critical items in real-time.


manage your data

Our APIs let you take control of your data via your own applications. You can build a control center to automate data refreshes, add and update data, manage schedules by triggering them, pausing and monitoring them.

An automation dream.

All ClicData dashboards are live and interactive to go deeper in your business data analysis

make it interactive

Add dynamic filters and analytics so users can manipulate dashboards and get answers to their business questions. Filter data by user or team.


automate process

Configure dashboard publishing and alerts, we plan all data updates and dashboard distribution for you.

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