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Tuesday March 21, 201911:00AM EST | 17:00 CET

How to Create Google Analytics Insightful Dashboards

Google Analytics is the first tool that every Digital Marketing Professional learns how to use.

But what if we told you there’s a way you could go further into your website data analysis using custom and interactive dashboards?

We will show you how to get the most out of your Google Analytics data using our direct connector, our data management features and advanced visualizations capabilities.


Previous Webinars

Watch our previous webinars to learn how to take the most out of ClicData's capabilities. How to remove ClicData's brand from all of your dashboards, domain, emails, live links with our white label features; how to visualize geo data with our map widgets; how to connect your business data using our native connectors...

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white label features& Custom UI

We take you on a tour of our white label features and show you how flexible and customizable our interface is. Every detail, screen, emails, alerts, dashboards and links can be changed with your branding.


map & region visualizations

You probably need to visualize geo data to make better decisions to grow your business in every region. Interactive maps and geocoding are great visualizations and ClicData enables you to use them with a simple drag and drop.

advanced security & features

Data security is an obsession at ClicData. That's why we wanted to make sure every business can secure their data, dashboards, user accesses, sharing parameters... This webinar shows you the extend of our advanced security features.


connect & manage your website data

Our Product Specialist will show you how to connect your website data using our Google Analytics' native connector. You will also learn how to normalize and standardize your data with our integrated data warehouse and ETL features. You'll be a ClicData expert in no time with these tips!

Connect SugarCRM & advanced analysis

Your CRM systems are filled with valuable data for your sales teams. If you're using SugarCRM, ClicData offers a native connector that enables you to pull fresh data from this application automatically and visualize your KPIs in live dashboards. See how to get the most out of your CRM data in this webinar.


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Co-Hosted Webinar
Alpha Anywhere

Alpha Anywhere is a comprehensive mobile app development platform that enables businesses to create business applications that are tailored to the mobile environment, their existing workflows, and other requirements.

Webcast focused on how ClicData integrates with Alpha Transform. Showcasing our Dashboards, Automation, Ease of use and how easy ClicData can be embedded.


Co-Hosted Webinar

Smartsheet is designed to unleash the benefits of greater work agility and collaboration by providing a powerful platform for organizations to plan, capture, manage, automate, and report on work. Smartsheet empowers teams to execute with speed and accountability — and make better decisions, faster.

Learn how to transform the data you have in Smartsheet into beautiful charts, graphs, and timelines with ClicData.

Get The Most Out of Your Data

Learn more about ClicData's features and capabilities. Easy data connection, simple data management,
create interactive dashboards in minutes and share them in a click of a button.