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With our Quick Start introductory package, our professional services team delivers your first two dashboards included in your starter package subscription in just a few days.

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What We Do

  • We configure your ClicData account
  • We set up the data connections and initialize the data warehouse
  • We create 2 interactive dashboards, each with up to 10 visual indicators (charts, tables, etc.)
  • We customize your dashboard to match your corporate identity.
  • We set up all schedules for auto data refresh and dashboard publication
  • We set up a sharing platform for your end-users.
  • We provide a training session once completed so that you can use it as a basis for other dashboards

Cost & Availability

Our Quick Start Packages are available to new customers subscribing to any of our tiers for one year.  Pricing includes one year subscription and over $900 in savings.

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Full Service Options

If you are looking for a project team, looking to evaluate and review the usage of your dashboards, or even identify new opportunities to surface the data, then you can count on us to help you.

We offer a wide variety of packages and services such as BI Assessments, Migration or Implementation Projects, or Packaged Services.

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