A Senior Data & Business Analysts that will work with you to ensure that your BI Strategy is a reality.

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An Outsourced BI Manager

An expert analyst in business data, analytics and visualization that is able to coordinate, communicate and manage your dashboard initiatives alongside your team.

This is Business Intelligence like you've never experienced before.

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What We Do

  • Project and delivery management
  • Active monitoring of your support ticket requests and feature requests
  • Active monitoring and assessment of account and activity
  • Single point of contact for all ClicData related topics
  • Dedicated slack channel for instant support during business hours
  • Allocated time for deep-dive analysis on data and dashboards
  • Monthly scheduled checkpoint sessions
  • Direct phone and email access for account management

Cost & Availability

A BI Manager with business, data and technical experience is costly and difficult to find.  We assign one of our BI Experts to you as an account manager in 3, 6 and 12 month pay as you go contracts for as low as $800 per month.


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Full Service Options

If you are looking for a project team, looking to evaluate and review the usage of your dashboards, or even identify new opportunities to surface the data, then you can count on us to help you.

We offer a wide variety of packages and services such as BI Assessments, Migration or Implementation Projects, or Packaged Services.

We successfully handled hundreds of projects. Why not yours?

"We were assigned an Account Manager, we went through in detail what we wanted the dashboard to do and in one hour he actually built the dashboard in front of me."
Derek Dancy, Marsham International Food Brokers

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