Planning your BI Strategy is important.  We offer a workshop with your team to perform a joint design session, evaluate current tools, processes and data flows and deliver a next steps document.


Build a Road Map with an Expert

Our BI Assessment workshops are ideal when you are starting your BI project, looking to migrate or simply looking to improve your existing data analytics and reporting system.

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What We Do

  • 3 to 6-hour session (on-site or remote) to discuss with key stakeholders their business, objectives, and priorities
  • Define key performance metrics, define data sources and availability
  • Map out organizational reporting needs, recipients and data security
  • Create new or change design documents for dashboards
  • Deliver a project plan and timeline with data flows and reporting requirements, with cost assessment and next steps

Cost & Availability

BI Assessments are conducted on site in most major cities in Western Europe and North America* for as little as $1500 per day.

We conduct workshop sessions per team or department to understand their current needs and usage of existing, if any, data and reports.

During the sessions we do a joint design of changes to existing dashboards or develop new dashboards.

* Travel and accommodation expenses are not included in pricing.

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Full Service Options

If you are looking for a project team, looking to evaluate and review the usage of your dashboards, or even identify new opportunities to surface the data, then you can count on us to help you.

We offer a wide variety of packages and services such as BI Assessments, Migration or Implementation Projects, or Packaged Services.

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"We were assigned an Account Manager, we went through in detail what we wanted the dashboard to do and in one hour he actually built the dashboard in front of me."
Derek Dancy, Marsham International Food Brokers

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