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Our Full-Service BI offering is tailored to every project. Need help just to get started or need a Dedicated BI Manager, we got you covered.


whatever you need, we got you covered

Our team of Product Specialists can help you with your BI project in many ways. Whether it's helping you connect your data, do data manipulations or even be your Dedicated BI Manager.

Let's talk about your BI needs, your project and how we can help you.

Services Full Quick Start

Quick Start

Get started with a subscription and 2 live dashboards. We'll connect your data, design 2 dashboards including 10 indicators each and set up your schedules and alerts for you.

Expert Services Packages

One of our Product Specialists will work on your data and reporting based on your needs and requirements. Use it to on-demand to get the help of our ClicData experts.


Implementation Projects

This option is ideal for a new implementation, migration or a major overhaul of your reporting or data systems. We implement deliverables in your account with key milestones reviews.

Dedicated BI Manager

Your Dedicated BI Manager will actively review your business organization, new requirements, data changes, user activity, dashboard requirements and more.

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BI Strategy Assessment

Before starting on your next investment in BI, get us involved in defining a durable, cost-efficient strategy that provides a clear direction.

Global Partners

We have Partners around the world that are here to help you with your BI project and assist you with any question on our platform.


Leveraging Professional Services for your firm

In this webinar, our VP of Professional Services walks you through three business cases in which our Expert team helped customers with their BI project implementation and the results of our consulting:

  • Retail: overcoming the challenges of IoT and distributor data, and how the customer saved $18K in the first year by automating their whole reporting process.
  • Legal services: overcoming data discrepancies and identifying $40K billable items and $35K potential revenue opportunities.
  • Consulting firms and agencies: deploying dashboard templates to maximize their ROI, and how the customer generated immediate $40K by selling templates to existing clients.
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