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Are you stuck on something? Trying to recall a formula or a way to make your pretty?

At ClicData, we want to provide you with the help you need to get started.


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Learning a new tool, creating your first dashboard, becoming a data expert is easy!

With our In-App chat, you can instantly communicate with a team of Business Analysts and ClicData experts to help with:

  • Getting You Started
  • Connecting and Transforming data
  • Building Dashboards with connected Charts and Tables
  • Setup Schedules and Automation
  • Answer Your Questions Immediately
  • and more...

In-App Chat comes included in all of our Team and Enterprise plans.

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Let our Pros show you how to get the most performance from our product and your data.

We'll help you optimize:

  • The power of Automation
  • Data Management & Processes
  • Your Dashboards & Indicators
  • Tackle any other BI features of our exceptional software

Trying to build your first dashboard and have some questions? Our Experts are one-click away, communicate in real-time using our in-app live support.

ClicData Business Analyst


What's the mystery of life? We don't know. But if you need assistance with data and dashboards, just click the live chat button! We are ready and willing to help deliver the right dashboard with the right information.

ClicData Business Analyst


I really enjoy helping out users, especially new users, and show them all the functionality
and get them to display the data just the way they want it.

ClicData Data Analyst

They Leverage Their Data
Thanks To Our Support Team

"Fantastic Tool!"

"I had zero experience creating dashboards before ClicData. As with anything I've improved vastly over time."

Kris W.
Solution Consultant

"Can't recommend enough"

"We use ClicData to bring our business data together from different sources in order to display it to relevant people. We have managed to create some professional looking dashboards for use both internally and externally, all with relative ease."

David L.
Production Control Manager

"Great value for money!"

"From the day I signed up for the free trial to today, ClicData has been amazing to work with, both in terms of the software and the support. The software is extremely easy to use and provides me with all the functionality I need to build beautiful reports."

Jim S.
Director of Operations

"A complete package for startups"

"We started using ClicData a year back and we loved it because of its process automation capabilities."

Sherry A.
Senior Analyst