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Book consultation with Rob

Rob Wood

ClicData’s Business Intelligence tools offer the ability to create reporting from any data – from any source, Find out if it’s the right choice for your business.

Book consultation with Shree

Shree Neve

Find out how ClicData can help your business reporting! Available for demos, understand your requirements or solve specific issues.

Book consultation with Telmo

Telmo Silva

Book time with me for detailed demos or to answer specific BI and ClicData questions. I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, and French.

Book consultation with Rob

Erik Wittbold

I can walk you through the discovery process and customize a demo to outline how we can meet your business needs and requirements.

Book consultation with Ciaran

Ciaran Carroll

Demos and Q&A on anything data and dashboards.  Book time with me to get the most out of ClicData.

Book consultation with Ciaran

Catherine Fitzgerald

Book time to chat and review ClicData’s features and how it could fit into a reporting and BI strategy for your business.

Leverage every ounce of power

Let our pro’s show you how to get the most performance from our product and your data.

We’ll help you optimize:

  • The power of Automation
  • Data Management & Processes
  • Your Dashboards & Indicators
  • Tackle any other BI features of our exceptional software

Get inside advanced features

We’ve built ClicData to be as intuitive and accessible as possible, but some of our features are quite advanced and unfamiliar to many. Features like advanced formulas, methods to configure your data silo and other ETL functionalities are just some of the tools that our pro’s can help you master.

We’ll help you succeed

Leverage our expertise and experience to simplify, clarify, automate and accelerate your ClicData experience. We’ll:

  • Evaluate and discuss how to optimize the value of BI for your company
  • Help you learn to structure your data and get the most of our ClicData ETL capabilities
  • Help you determine and build the KPIs you need to track your business performance
  • Optimize ClicData visualization widgets to support smart, informed business decisions
  • Get you started automating your data and dashboards

Smart people consult with smart people to do smart things.