Give your clients the power of real-time dashboards to accelerate their success.

As an IT project manager, now you can customize each analysis to meet your client’s specifications and requirements. Provide your business users with relevant and timely reports exactly the way they need it.

Now they can stay current with real time data that supports their most ambitious business objectives.

Automated Data Merging from ClicData

Streamlined Data Processing

Automate data merges, data transformations and many other functions using ClicData’s online data warehouse. Easily manage all of your clients’ data sources directly within our cloud application. ClicData helps you process data faster.
Real Time Dynamic Inisghts

Powerful customization

ClicData helps you meet each department’s specific analytics requirements by customizing each widget exactly the way they need it to support their analysis. ClicData even helps you choose the most relevant visualization to display their data.
Manage dashboards for your clients

On-time project deliverables

Meet the rigorous timelines of your internal customers. ClicData helps you improve quality of service, so you complete projects faster and smarter. As new needs arise, create new dashboards quickly and share critical information with the appropriate team members with clarity and impact.

Harness the Power of Your Data

Provide your business users with smart reports, exactly the way they need them, always on-time.

No need to recreate the same reports again and again

Set it up once and you’re good to go. Automate every step — from data refresh to KPI publication — and clone widgets and dashboards so you don’t have to start from scratch every time you want to satisfy a new demand.

One single tool to meet everyone’s needs

Our extensive set of connectors and widgets gives you everything you need to meet every requirement. Set parameters so that each user only sees what matters to him — his product, his region, his team results — and nothing else.

Are you Finding it Difficult to Satisfy your Internal Customers?

We can help!

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They provide their business users with ClicData reports.

“ClicData has been a huge time saver for us. We have already created over 70 dashboards and each person knows exactly how they are making an impact.”

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Karn – Director of Operations, OnSharp

“The intuitive graphics help me visually monitor performance and quickly navigate through large and complex sets of data to identify performance priorities. ClicData provides us with powerful yet affordable BI tool we need to make data actionable.”

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Farhad – Executive Director, Pima Association of Governments