Monitor all your KPIS from social media, website traffic, email campaigns, lead generation, ads, SEO with one automated, user-friendly reporting tool.


The quickest way to data-driven marketing

Your social media data means very little if you don't combine it with your Google Analytics, ad campaigns, CRM or your customer feedback data. ClicData is the world's first end-to-end BI platform that allows you to connect, blend and automate your marketing KPI reporting in just a few hours.


all your kpis in a single place

Get critical analytics to increase your leads. How are your campaigns performing? What messages work best? How many visitors engaged? Let the numbers inform your success.


See What's Working & What's Not

From Google Analytics to social media, ClicData shows you what converts and what is profitable so that you can adjust your budget quickly. Which channel brings you more leads? Set your marketing budget based on channel performance.


Real-Time Alerts To Keep You On Top

Receive real time alerts right to your mobile. Learn about customer engagement on social media or flash updates from your advertising campaigns so you can react and respond quickly and advantageously.

4 steps to become data-driven


Centralize all your marketing data in one place

ClicData connects to all of your marketing sources (Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and shows you the latest information automatically. Focus on analyzing results instead of worrying about how relevant your data is.


Get the full picture of your campaigns & customer data

Add data from your CRM, customer feedback and financial systems into the mix and you will get a much better reporting with meaningful and actionable insights.

You will be able to identify your Brand Ambassadors, your top customers, your most profitable products and services, and more.

new schedule clicdata

Real-time data & alerts to make faster decisions

Set custom schedule to always keep your critical data and KPIs up-to-date. You can also receive automated alerts when your goals or critical thresholds are reached.

You can be automatically alerted when your website traffic is dropping, or if your ads budget is almost reached. Immediate alerts for immediate actions. 

Sales KPI Dashboard Saas Companies

Custom metrics for better insights

Go beyond your social media, Google Analytics and CRM canned reports and metrics with custom KPIs and interactive visualization widgets.

Calculate your marketing ROI, customer lifetime value, churn rate, MQL to SQL conversion rate, and more.

We've got more resources for you

We're not only a business intelligence solution provider. We're also data experts and our job is to help you make the most of your marketing data to run your campaigns more efficiently.

We gathered our best articles, dashboard examples, KPIs, webinars and other resources to help you become a data-driven marketing leader.

They automated their reporting with ClicData

Marsham International uses ClicData to automate their company reporting. Instead of spending time consolidating data in Excel, they automated their data connection, processing, and visualization with ClicData - in just a few days.

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