Get real-time feedback on the performance of your campaigns.

ClicData alerts you when there are deviations in the performance of your websites and marketing campaigns.

Spend less time on Excel and spend more time generating leads for your sales team!

Automated Data Merging from ClicData

Track your campaigns and their success.

Get critical analytics to increase your leads. How are your campaigns performing? What messages work best? How many visitors engaged? Let the numbers inform your success.
Real Time Dynamic Inisghts

Learn what’s working. See what isn’t.

From Google Analytics to social media, ClicData shows you what converts and what is profitable so that you can adjust your budget quickly. Which channel brings you more leads? Set your marketing budget based on channel performance.

Manage dashboards for your clients

Real time alerts keep you on top.

Receive real time alerts right to your mobile. Learn about customer engagement on social media or flash updates from your advertising campaigns so you can react and respond quickly and advantageously.

Harness the Power of Your Data

Understand your marketing results faster to push the right channels and generate more leads.

Say Goodbye to Copy & Paste!

ClicData connects to all of your marketing sources (Google Analytics, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and shows you the latest information automatically. Focus on analyzing results instead of worrying about how relevant your data is.

Engaging Dashboards for your Marketing Presentations

Agile and interactive, ClicData dashboards make you look good during presentations. Choose the best ways to visualize your campaign results using our extensive selection of widgets.

How are your Campaigns Performing?

Find out! We’ll help you connect your marketing data so you can monitor and track performance of each of your campaigns.

Talk to one of our business analysts now and learn how to automatically track the success of your campaigns.

They track their campaigns performance with ClicData

“I recommend ClicData to everyone. It’s a valuable tool for making sense of data with ease. With ClicData’s help, we’ve streamlined our client services and freed up extra time for our account managers.”

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Nicolette – Co-Founder, Visio Media

“Initially we only had a rough picture of what to see in a dashboard…the team at ClicData was incredibly helpful: I was presented with options and trained to make changes myself. Very impressed particularly as I was given a lot of support even before committing to spend money–the right way to customer satisfaction!”

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David – Owner and Director of Business Planning, Wildfire PR