Ready to be on top of your key performance indicators at all times?

Get your KPIs any time with the confidence only real time data gives you.

Receive alerts about budget deviations wherever you are. Master the metrics of your operations, sales productivity, campaigns, ROI and KPI with actionable information that puts you ahead and accelerates your success.

Automated Data Merging from ClicData

No more outdated reports. Or missed opportunities.

Measure your organization’s financial health, assess turnover or review metrics on your terms. Your dashboards are automatically refreshed at the frequency you prefer.

Real Time Dynamic Inisghts

A picture is worth a thousand words. And makes for faster decisions.

See detail more clearly. See the bigger picture in bolder relief. When data is represented visually, you absorb information more efficiently and make better decisions. ClicData accelerates your reactions so that your business stays ahead of the curve.

Manage dashboards for your clients

Collaborate and mine your valuable resources.

Why are sales increasing faster than expected? Why isn’t one product line profitable anymore? Why has the production plant’s ROI fallen short? ClicData connects your team members so you can make sense of your financial indicators.

Harness the Power of your Data

Empower your finance department to use ClicData to track your Financial KPI’s anywhere, anytime!


The Benefits of Automation

ClicData connects to all your business data sources and retrieves the latest information automatically so that your financial adviser can focus on analyzing and controlling rather than wasting time retrieving the data.
Save Valuable Time on Data Management, Focus on what matters.

Self-Service BI

Your finance officer gets to mix & match the data, designs reports just the way you want them and adjusts the KPI’s accordingly as your company and the market evolve. All of that without the help of the IT department!
Avoid lengthy processes and manage your reporting by yourself.

Set up your First Alert Now

To make sure you are immediately aware of any critical changes, use our ClicData Alert feature to warn you when you need to know.

Tell our business analysts about the critical indicators that matter most to you and we’ll help you set up dashboards to view them at a moment’s notice.

They manage their businesses with ClicData

“I’ve been continually impressed with the depth of features available with the ClicData platform. It rivals the capabilities of the leading enterprise offerings. The support team is also highly responsive and is a pleasure to work with!”

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Max Silverman – Director of Operations, Seed & Spark

“We reviewed the capabilities and ease of overall use and found that ClicData easily beat the competition. Not BIME, not Tableau, not Looker, none of them; no other product compares to the value of ClicData.”

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Parnell Woodard – Founder, Adaptive Analytics