White label dashboards to highlight the value you bring to your clients


Ready To Create Meaningful Dashboards For Your Clients?

ClicData makes consultants look good! Use our powerful dashboards to take you and your clients to the next level.
Present client data so that it’s informative, accessible, and actionable as you streamline data management
and save yourself loads of time.


easy data management

Automate data merges, data transformations and many other functions using ClicData’s online data warehouse. Easily manage all of your clients’ data sources directly within our cloud application. ClicData helps you process data faster.


Real-Time Insights

Provide live dashboards that your clients can access securely from anywhere, knowing their data is current, using the views that best support your analysis. ClicData helps you get the most out of your client’s data.


Nuanced User Management

Manage your client permissions and rights on your reports and dashboards. Send update notifications and set custom sharing parameters. ClicData helps you filter data and only display relevant information to your clients.

We'll Help You Look Like A Rock Star!

Our product specialists can help you set up reports that your clients will seek out and read.
Schedule some time with us and tell us about your business, we'll show you how to take advantage of our white-label and options.


dedicated Server

ClicData Dedicated gives you maximum control of your report performance. Find out how your company and your clients can benefit from dedicated hosting.


Your Own Portal

Personalize your ClicData Portal to show your company’s colors or your client’s brand and set up personalized url access. Some of our users even publish their dashboards directly on their website.

They Build Dashboards For Their Clients With ClicData


AnneHead of Operations

“Updating and publishing our dashboards to our clients with ClicData has saved us lots of time. Our ability to present data that way has certainly separated us from our competition.”


Daniela Co-Founder

“We provide valuable services to our clients by understanding their data and compiling actionable reports. ClicData supports our activities."

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