Transforming Operations through
modern Business Intelligence

Get a seamless real-time reporting solution to monitor your operational activities daily. Improve your staff utilization, marketing ROI and revenue tracking with our data management and analytics platform to make informed decisions on every step. 

Efficient operational processes, Reduced Costs

  • Supply Chain Management: get an end-to-end visibility for inventory management, supplier management, order management to ensure all channels are fulfilling their roles.
  • Resource Utilization: measure your resource allocations and reduce waste while optimizing utilization of resources efficiently.
  • Reduce Costs: gather all sources of data on a single streamlined data management tool to oversight costs across channels and identify areas for cost reduction and optimization.

Typical questions we help Operations Managers answer quickly

We work with hundreds of Operation Managers and teams in Retail, Hospitality and Manufacturing sectors around the world. With ClicData, they quickly got dashboards that answer the following questions:

  • How can we reduce some of our costs while ensuring an optimized process and increased output?
  • How can we have a view of every channel in my supply chain, to overlook all metrics and to reduce risks?
  • How can throughput be effectively controlled to prevent bottlenecks in specific areas, and what methods can be employed for promptly detecting these bottlenecks?
  • Is there any opportunity to cut costs without impacting speed or output?
  • Is my demand forecasting close to reality?

Improve efficiency with key metrics...


  • Throughput

    Track the rate at which a system completes your processes and tasks, and get insights into your overall operational efficiency.

  • Latency

    Track the time it takes for a single operation to be executed to identify delays or inefficiencies in the processing pipeline.

  • Utilization

    Track the percentage of a resource (e.g., CPU, memory, network) in use indicating the level of resource efficiency and potential bottlenecks.

  • Error Rate

    Get an instant overview of the frequency of errors or failures in your operations highlighting the reliability and quality of your products and services.

Inventory & Supply Chain

  • Order Fulfilment Cycle Time

    Measure the time it takes from receiving an order to delivering the product which will provide you with insights into the efficiency of the order fulfilment process.

  • Inventory Turnover

    Track the number of times inventory is sold and replaced in a given period, indicating how effectively your inventory is managed and avoid overstocking or stockouts.

  • Lead Time

    See at a glance the time it takes to fulfil an order from the moment it is placed, helping to identify potential delays and optimize the supply chain timeline.

  • Perfect Order Rate

    Measure the percentage of orders that are delivered without errors, providing a comprehensive view of the accuracy and quality of the order fulfilment process.

We could go on, but you get the picture...

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