Track your project performance indicators in real-time.


More Agility and Performance

Use ClicData to manage your agile development shop, track work items, issues, backlog items and build awesome up to date dashboards with burndown charts, upcoming features, release burnup and more.



Track your production milestones with ClicData and stay on target for deliverables. ClicData’s data warehouse, dynamic dashboards and automatic, customized reporting answer a lot of your needs.



Measure the efficiency of your support teams and pinpoint the areas that can improve. ClicData helps you manage your support ticket response time and share metrics with your team to increase awareness and improve accountability.


Embedded Reporting

Get dashboards right inside your portals, your SCM, your application with our Live Link feature. Embedded analytics make your product shine!

Financial Controlling

Your financial status summed up in one dashboard including all relevant KPIs per business unit: available assets, gross and net profit margins and debt ratios.

Project status dashboard

The dashboard allows project managers to track monetary and resource budgets. Compare demand and capacity over the timeline of a project.

Productivity KPIs

This dashboard provides an overview of team time tracking and management. Can be filtered by client project, team or team member.

Some Of Our Customers

Add a reporting and analytics module in a few minutes with embedded dashboards just like some our current customers.


Matrix42 Business Case

Matrix42 offers complete solutions in workspace management for users, administrators and organizations.

ClicData is working with Matrix42 to provide a better experience to companies that utilize Matrix42 Workspace Management to be able to easily integrate ClicData dashboards and security.

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