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Real-Time Insights On Your Online Business

Online reporting is like online shopping:
it’s all about saving time, reacting quickly and making informed decisions.
Omni-channel retail has its challenges. ClicData gives you agile reporting features to overcome them.


Product Performance

Get a real time picture of your products’ performance across all channels. Refresh automatically to ensure you’re always fully informed.


Inventory Management

Keep inventory low, relate it to forecasting models, monitor items on the shelf easier and keep everyone up to date on rates with live dashboards.


Increase Profitability

Find out how to squeeze a few more cents and dollars from looking at the overall picture and drill down to the detail.

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Pricing and Supply

This dashboard is made for a company requiring quick insight into their supply chain for their electronic products.
Units shipped, sold and on hand are clearly visualized.


Retailer Analysis

The Retailer Analysis dashboard provides dynamic insights into the store level data for an independent wholesaler. Financial performance can be tracked by location over time.


Client Acquisition

Quickly identify the most efficient channels. Monitor conversion rates, new customer traffic, channel revenue and optimize your marketing activities based on results.


Ready To Get Started?

Start building and sharing your first dashboards now!

Some Of Our Customers

Our customers are able to track inventory levels, turnover, returns, margins, eCommerce sites and so much more.

"Fantastic Tool"

"I had zero experience creating dashboards before ClicData. I am able to amaze my coworkers on a regular basis thanks to ClicData."

Kris W.
Solution Consultant

"Can't Recommend Enough"

"We use ClicData to bring our business data together from different sources. We have managed to create some professional looking dashboards for use both internally and externally, all with relative ease."

David L.
Production Control Manager

"Great Value for Money!"

"From the day I signed up for the free trial to today, ClicData has been amazing to work with, both in terms of the software and the support. The software is extremely easy to use and provides me with all the functionality."

Jim S.
Director of Operations

"A Complete Package for Startups"

"We started using clicdata a year back and we loved the way it gives the opportunity to automate the entire process."

Sherry A.
Senior Analyst