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Dashboards for Online Retail

Manage your shop in the cloud with our dashboards.

Online reporting is like online shopping: it’s all about saving time, reacting quickly and making informed decisions. Omni-channel retail has its challenges. ClicData gives you agile reporting features to overcome them.

Track profitability over time

Product Performance

Get a real time picture of your products’ performance across all channels. Refresh automatically to ensure you’re always fully informed.

Inventory management dashboard

Inventory Management

Keep inventory low, relate it to forecasting models, monitor items on the shelf easier and keep everyone up to date on rates with live dashboards.

Increase profitability with dashboards

Increase Profitability

Find out how to squeeze a few more cents and dollars from looking at the overall picture and drill down to the detail.

Rad believes that fashion should be fun, affordable and shared with friends. With online stores in France, United Kingdom, USA, Belgium, Germany and Austria, this retailer is a global success story.

See how they have used ClicData to start their data warehouse.

Retail Sample Dashboards

Get inspired by some of our performance dashboards. Plug-in your data and you have ready to use data visualizations.

I'm only on the free tier of ClicData, using it to visualise financial data. I'm blown away by the depth of functionality available - even at its most basic, this is truly an outstanding dashboard tool.


Data analytics that doesn't require a degree. Both the product, which keeps growing, and the technical support are great to work with. I love the product and will continue to use it.


Great and easy to use. Using ClicData has been a fantastic experience, the dashboards have been easy to create with great technical support if needed. We have also requested new features in the past which ClicData have implemented. Brilliant Platform , Brilliant Support.


I have used this product through the products entire evolution and I have nothing but great things to say. It is easy for users to use and manage while flexible enough to integrate into any simple or complex environment.


From the day I signed up for the free trial to today, ClicData has been amazing to work with, both in terms of the software and the support. The software is extremely easy to use and provides me with all the functionality I need to build beautiful reports and dashboards and I was able to get my first dashboard up and running within hours of getting started with no training other than what was available on their support pages


Some of our customers

Our customers are able to track inventory levels, turnover, returns, margins, eCommerce sites and so much more.