all-in-one reporting solutionfor retailers

Manage your retail business more efficiently by creating a single source of truth for your store, customer, and product data. Connect, consolidate, automate and visualize data, all in a single platform.


One reporting platform to manage all key areas of your retail business

There's only one way to run a business efficiently: making informed decisions based on accurate data.
ClicData empowers all business managers in the retail industry to work with consolidated data from multiple sources, and visualize it in real-time dashboards. No technical skills required.

Track your product performance, manage your inventory, adjust your pricing strategy in real-time, and leverage customer data across all channels to improve their loyalty.


Product Performance

Connect and combine data from your stores, online shops, and distributors to create a single view of your products' performance per location or region.

Get insights into your product performance per customer demographics by combining your sales and CRM data.

retail financial kpis

Inventory Management

Track your turnover rate, days on hand, stock to sales ratio, carrying cost, the accuracy of forecast demand, rate of return and many more KPIs derived from multiple data sources.

Automate the data refreshes and alerts to react faster when you're running out of stock.

pricing & supply db

Pricing strategy

Monitor the impact of your pricing strategy on your sales over time to improve your margins and profitability.

You can also build forecast models to estimate the number of sales if you increase or decrease your prices on given items.



Customer experience & loyalty

Customer experience and loyalty are key to your retail business growth.

You can monitor the revenue and ROI per customer type, measure the customer engagement in your loyalty programs, identify issues in your customer journey or customer service to improve your bottom line.

Better data management means better profitability

Learn how a retailer was able to save $28K in the first year by automating the consolidation of distributors' data and leveraging data from IoT devices with ClicData.

Marsham International Foodbrokers use ClicData to manage data in real-time

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"We're able to import and cleanse distributors' data very easily, it's a huge time saver. Once it's imported, we simply refresh the data and everything's available to everybody."
Derek Dancy, Marsham International Food Brokers

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