Dashboards for Public Services

Harnessing the power of your data to better serve your public’s needs

Whether you’re working on efficiency improvements, reformations, or budget cuts, ClicData can help you quickly identify areas needing improvement with an unprecedented depth of information.

Unleash communication and empower your organization

Communicate Effectively with Dashboards

We know that better company-wide communication and greater transparency are keys to your success. ClicData gives you an intuitive platform to share results, reports, and metrics with the individuals or groups you choose.

Make sense of your historical data

Make use of historical data

Turn years of your accumulated data into actionable insights. Connect your files and data across multiple platforms for the most meaningful analyses and cut reporting time down to a fraction of what it used to take.

Put the power where you want it: in your hands

The power of data in your hands

Keep track of the progress of your projects and learn exactly where improvements are needed. ClicData helps you identify potential cost savings and delays. Set up the alerts and notifications you want to be on top of performance at all times.

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Performance Visualizations for Public Services

State of the art performance management has been given a boost by ClicData, providing accurate and comparable data to residents of municipalities regarding the quality and efficiency of service delivery. Check this blog out on you can use our tool to provide instant visualization of government data

Digital Reports

Reduce cost to publish information to your team, your constituents, your residents and tax-payers. Use ClicData to provide instant dashboards in a digital format.

Sample Dashboards

Get inspired by some of our performance dashboards. Plug-in your data and you have ready to use data visualizations.

Great and easy to use. Using ClicData has been a fantastic experience, the dashboards have been easy to create with great technical support if needed. We have also requested new features in the past which ClicData have implemented. Brilliant Platform. Brilliant Support.


Some of our customers

Finance, public-works, staffing, elections and statistics is just some of the potential uses for ClicData.

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