Dashboards for Marketing Agencies

The power of marketing analytics with unprecedented reach

Reveal the true story of your clients’ campaigns with dynamic, interactive dashboards.
Respond to their online marketing performance more quickly and more effectively than ever.

Faster data processing

Faster Delivery

Easily manage client campaign data directly within our intuitive, Cloud-based application. ClicData Online data warehouse helps you process data faster.

Real time analysis

Real Time Data

Metrics and indicators provide campaign progress data in real time. With the right tools to display key indicators and analyses, your insights have never been more powerful.

Customized data views

Flexible Reporting

Show them their data exactly how they want or need to see it. Filter data, share with relevant groups, and funnel the results for ease of use and greatest impact.

Beeby Clark+Meyler

Beeby Clark+Meyler is a New-York based marketing agency that provides strategies and digital content to customers from all sectors.

Learn how Beeby Clark+Meyler uses ClicData to report all relevant marketing campaigns KPIs to their clients.

Marketing Sample Dashboards

Get inspired by some of our performance dashboards. Plug-in your data and you have ready to use data visualizations.

Great and easy to use. Using ClicData has been a fantastic experience, the dashboards have been easy to create with great technical support if needed. We have also requested new features in the past which ClicData have implemented. Brilliant Platform. Brilliant Support.


Some of our customers

Implement, measure, improve. Repeat. Here are some of our customers that have integrated ClicData as part of their practice.

Beeby Clark+Meyer
Edea Marketing