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You're putting a lot of efforts into improving your customer social media, SEO, PPC ads and affiliate strategies. With ClicData, you can clearly communicate the results of your recommendations on their ROI.

With our White Label options, you can make ClicData your own BI platform and use it with your customers: custom domain, emails, notifications, UI...

Ip Whitelisting

Faster Delivery

Easily manage client campaign data directly within our intuitive, Cloud-based application. ClicData Online data warehouse helps you process data faster.

Dashboard Distribution

Real-Time Data

Metrics and indicators provide campaign progress data in real time. With the right tools to display key indicators and analyses, your insights have never been more powerful.

Log Analysis

Flexible Reporting

Show them their data exactly how they want or need to see it. Filter data, share with relevant groups, and funnel the results for ease of use and greatest impact.

Helpful Resources for your Agency

A business study of Consulting Agencies on how to deploy dashboard templates to maximize their ROI, and how they generated immediate $40K by selling templates to existing clients.

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We have curated the best resources and expert tips to help you better manage your client reporting in our Resource Hub.

ClicData TSheets Enhanced HR Dashboards

Some Of Our Customers

Implement, measure, improve. Repeat. Here are some of our customers that have integrated ClicData as part of their practice.

Our Customer's Testimonial


"We implemented ClicData ourselves and it went smoothly, we uploaded data quickly and built our first dashboards in less than an hour for us and our customers."
Damien Lafourcade, Marketing 1BY1

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