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Look Like A Million Bucks Without Spending It

ClicData interactive dashboards give your clients more clarity, more power and more choices.
Streamlined data management for you. Accessible, actionable data for them.
All at an affordable cost and no software installation.


Faster Answers

A data warehouse platform that helps you process data faster than ever. Connect and directly manage all your client’s data sources and deliver insights with the greatest impact for their business.


Dynamic Analysis

Give your clients the control they seek with ClicData’s dynamic, interactive dashboards and its extensive library of drag-and-drop visualization tools.


Full Automation

Set it and forget it! With ClicData you can schedule data refreshes, alerts, dashboard distribution. Your clients will think you are always working for them!

Monthly Financials Dashboard

Key financial indicators to help every business track the actuals against budget for their sales, the expenses by category and overall profitability. It also includes the cash flow projection.

financial performance

An executive overview of the total number of shipments for a logistics company or department manager. You can filter by the product category, channel of distribution...

Financial Controlling Dashboard

Your company financial status summed up in one dashboard including all relevant indicators per business unit: available assets, gross and net profit margins and debt ratios.

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Some Of Our Customers

They offer a better value to their customers by providing metrics and reports along with their services.


BRM Consulting Services Business Case

BRM Consulting Services is a Technology Consulting company that specializes in technology at the service of the business through consulting processes, solution implementation and custom development.

See how BRM puts ClicData to their use in front of their clients.

Harness The Power Of Your Data

Transform your client's business routine into Business Intelligence!