social media connections

Connect all your social media and social ads data to ClicData and visualize all your KPI in a single dashboard.

Get More Insights into Your Community

Do you know how many customers did your social media campaigns bring? Do you know the revenue your social media activities have generated? Do you know which campaign has the best performance? And how you could improve the others?


Facebook Ads integration

Use our Facebook Ads native connector to combine this data with your other social media data. Get deeper insights on your campaigns' performance.


twitter integration

Connect your Twitter accounts to ClicData and visualize your data in seconds. Learn more about your audience behaviors and learn how to generate more engagement and revenue.

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visualize all your Social Media KPI in a Single Place

Connect your Instagram account to track the number of followers, likes, and social engagement.

Pull data from your Youtube Analytics account to ClicData and get up to date reports on your videos performance.

Measure the impact of your community management by combining your social media data to Google Analytics data.

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