Interactive Dashboards for your Smartsheet projects.

Connect Smartsheet to ClicData and get status reports on your projects, anytime, anywhere.

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ClicData’s self-updating dashboards make project management super visual and easy to share.
Visual indicators mean faster read, faster analysis and faster reaction.
Automatically send project updates to your colleagues or clients and allow them to drill down through details in a few clicks.
Make your project management easy and meaningful!


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Project Management Dashboard

Timesheet Management Dashboard

Enhance your Smartsheet experience.

Add a layer of visualization with ClicData and get those dashboards rocking!

Live Project Management

Self-updating interactive indicators.


Automatic Alerts

Automatic project status updates via alerts.

Enhanced Performance Management

One consolidated view of your business performance by merging Smartsheet data with other data sources.

Want to know more?

Our friends at Smartsheet held a webinar on how ClicData can help you with creating dashboards about following your project status and visualizing your Smartsheet data through interactive reports.