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your sales & marketing reportiing platform

Create a single point of truth for your sales and marketing teams.
Make better decisions faster with real-time reporting.

Get More Insights into Your Customers Behavior

Do you know which prospects are most likely to bring you business? Do you know your churn rate has evolved in the past quarter? Do you know which message and which channel is performing best? Stop guessing, learn from your data in interactive and up to date dashboards.

Enhance your CRM reporting to drive more sales

Go beyond the built-in reporting in your CRM systems with ClicData and enable you to dive deeper into your data. Connect, cleanse, automate, visualize and share your data in interactive and up to date dashboards.

ClicData has connectors to all major CRM and customer applications in the market,
and many more via API using our Web Service connector.

automated reporting for data-driven marketing teams

Good sales and marketing teams make decisions based on data. With ClicData, you can centralize all your marketing and sales data in one place, and build a single version of the truth.

Build your marketing reports and automate your data refresh to monitor all your KPIs easily! Track everything from social media engagement, your website traffic, and conversion rate, email campaign's performance, PPC stats... In real-time!

Want To Connect Other Data?

Go back to our Data Connection page and find the applications you need to connect.