Interactive Dashboards for your QuickBooks sheets.

Integrate QuickBooks with ClicData and keep track of your invoicing and expenses status anytime, anywhere.

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ClicData’s self-updating dashboards can show you which customers are late in paying invoices, which are your main expenses categories or any other financial indicators that you need to keep track of.
Visual indicators mean faster read, faster analysis and faster reaction.
Identify any budget deviations in a few clicks and drill down into more detail to make sense of critical changes.

Be alerted and stay on top your financials!


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Finance Dashboard

Company Income Dashboard

Enhance your QuickBooks experience.

Add a layer of visualization with ClicData and get your financial dashboards rocking!

Live Billing Management

Self-updating interactive indicators.


Automatic Alerts

Automatic status updates via alerts.

Financial Analytics

Make sense of your financial flows by merging your QuickBooks data with other data sources.

Quickooks Dashboard

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