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ClicData’s self-updating dashboards will take your CRM to the next level by providing you with the results of your sales and marketing activities in one place. Visual indicators mean faster read, faster analysis and faster reaction. Manage your sales team efficiently, adjust your marketing budget towards the campaigns that work best and spend time engaging the right customers.

Increase your sales faster by keeping your sales and marketing efforts focused!


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SalesForce Management

Sales Analysis Dashboard

Pricing & Supply Dashboard

Enhance your Infusionsoft experience.

Add a layer of visualization with ClicData and get those sales dashboards rocking!

Live Sales Management

Self-updating interactive indicators.


Automatic Alerts

Automatic status updates via alerts.

Accelerated growth

Measure the ROI of your marketing and sales efforts by merging Infusionsoft data with other data sources, such as your generated revenue.

InfusionSoft ClicData Dashboard

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