direct connectors to your database

Pull data directly from your database, clone it in ClicData's data warehouse and build automated dashboards for your teams.

Pull Data From Your SQL & NoSQL Database

Connect data from any database you're using, whether it's cloud-based or on-premise.

Get the most out of your large volumes of data by using our direct connectors. Select only the tables or columns you need, create new data sets that are easier to analyze. You can also use our SQL editor to create custom queries and generate calculated data.


Use our MySQL connector to connect and refresh your data faster. Stop extracting and storing your data sets on their storage application. Your data sets and history are centralized in ClicData.

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SQL Server

Improve the whole process of data analysis with our connector to Microsoft SQL Server. Create custom queries and build your data sets with our built-in ETL features.

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Google BigQuery

You're keeping a large volume of data in your BigQuery data warehouse. You can use our direct connector to pull the data you need and analyze them in a few clicks.

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Leverage the full power of your large volume of data quickly from your MariaDB server with ClicData. Connect, manage and visualize your data in interactive dashboards.

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Use our Cassandra connector to connect to your cloud or on-premise database and automate your reports that you can easily share with your team.

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Connect, store and manage your data from your NoSQL database in ClicData's data warehouse. Automate everything from the connection to the data refreshes and dashboard delivery.

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