Dashboards for Every Industry

ClicData offers business reporting for every industry.
Our clients are large and small financial, marketing, pharmaceutical, and consulting companies among many other sectors.

Solutions for eCommerce

Online Retail

Dashboard for eCommerce web sites are a must. Measure dropped carts, buying habits, purchases by region or by product group, coupons and offers success rates, and more.

Solutions for Hospitality


Get your hotel location metrics in one place and have it displayed to your management and staff. ADR, occupancy rates, customer satisfaction, anything that is important to you and your team.

Solutions for Healthcare


ClicData is widely used by public services, from statistics and public works to legal and administration. An accessible and affordable solution for your municipality, city, region or state/province.

Software development

Software Developers

Dashboard for eCommerce web sites are a must. Measure dropped carts, buying habits, purchases by region or by product group, coupons and offers success rates, and more.

Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing

How do you manage to get all this: Google, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Magento, PrestaShop, Shopify, and others – into one reporting solution? ClicData has native and generic connectors for all of these and more so no matter what system your customer has, we can connect to it.

Solutions for Public Services

Public Services

Provide your field force with instant dashboards on their mobile or laptop. Provide pharmacies and medical sites with clear dashboards. Differentiated yourself from the rest – give them a tool for their data.

Consulting Dashboards

Consulting Services

You have to look good. Showcasing your results in an Excel sheet is not professional. A PowerPoint presentation is better but you are done with copying and pasting screenshots of your tables. Look for ClicData to help you what. You can even white label the entire thing with your logo.

Access reports and dashboards anytime, anywhere.

Want to see how things are going in between meetings or flights?
View ClicData dashboards on your mobile or tablet device. Wherever you are, whenever you want!

Create interactive dashboards with ClicData!


Turn your business routine into business intelligence today!

Online Dashboard Creator

ClicData Dashboard Widgets

Drag & drop indicators on your workspace and connect your data from any sources in just a few clicks to create live dashboards and reports for your business.

Automated Data Management

ClicData Data Connectors

Connect to a large number of systems and databases such as Google Analytics, Facebook, Salesforce, Oracle, MySQL and files on Dropbox, Google Drive and many many more. Just schedule your refresh dates and times and ClicData takes care of the rest.

Live Alerts on your Dashboards

ClicData Notification System

Set up rules so that ClicData alerts you by email or notification. Stay on top of key indicators automatically. If one of your indicators goes beyond a defined level, ClicData will warn you right away!

Dynamic Collaboration for Teams

ClicData Comment Module

Sharing your insights has never been so easy, add comments to your live dashboards and share them with your colleagues or clients in a few clicks.

Extensive Data Manipulation

ClicData is not just any online dashboard creator, it is also a data warehouse which will take care of many processing tasks for you: data history management, merges, transformations and more. We provide a complete solution to manage your data and keep it clean and centralized.

Automatic Publication

Dive into social BI! ClicData has been built from the ground up to be a collaborative tool and will allow you to schedule automatic sending or sharing of your reports and dashboards to your teams or clients in a few clicks!

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