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Where do you want to go with ClicData?

ClicData can be used by anyone, anywhere to create beautiful and impactful reporting and data visualization.

Free Trial

A full featured, 15 day trial for your business .

  • Unlimited Data Connections and Dashboards.
  • Connect to 100s of Data Sources.
  • White Label Dashboards and Application.
  • Securely share Live, Dynamic Dashboards.
  • Automated Data Refreshes and Publications.
  • No Credit Card Required.

Free Account

For personal use and students, a limited free account.

  • Leveraging Excel and Text files.
  • Access Dashboards On Any Device.
  • Unlimited Dashboards.
  • Free. Yup. Completely free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Credit Card for the personal (free) or trial?
No. No Credit Card will be asked of you until you chose to upgrade to a paying plan.

How long is the trial?
The trial is 15 days. Call us if you need more time to try things out.

Can I connect to my data?
Probably. We have a lot of connectors and even a generic API data connector that can be used to connect to even more cloud apps. The full list of connectors is here.

What are the limitations of the Free Account?
There are some limitations including what data you can connect to (Excel and text files), how much data you can store and how often you can refresh the data. Also you are not able to white label the dashboards and they do come with a water mark. As long as you continue to use it regularly, the account will remain active.

What methods of payment are accepted?
We accept PayPal and all major credit cards. For yearly plans we also accept ACH and check.

Where is my data stored?
When you sign up, you select from a list of available data center locations for the free or trial account. Additional data center locations are available for paying subscriptions.

All data centers are managed by Microsoft. Read more about it here.

How secure is my data and my dashboards?
ClicData is hosted in Microsoft Azure, a global leading cloud infrastructure provider. All data is secured in transport and at rest. To know more about our safety and security standards please refer to this page or contact us via e-mail.