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Zero-ETL: The Next Best Thing or Another Buzz Word?

blog zero etl

No-ETL processes have gained popularity in recent years, especially in the context of big data and cloud computing. What is Zero-ETL? The idea behind Zero-ETL is to eliminate the need for traditional ETL processes by processing data in place, where it already resides, without the need for separate ETL tools, systems, or processes. Without any…

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Building a Solid Data Strategy & Roadmap

webinar building solid data strategy

You probably have a sales and marketing strategy, a customer service strategy, but do you have a data strategy? Building a strong data strategy is essential to ensure the quality, security and value of your data. In this webinar, we share a simple framework that you can use to set your data strategy in place…

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AI Marketing: The Game of Personalisation vs Privacy 

blog ai marketing personalization versus privacy

AI, AI. Everyone’s talking about AI. Even AI’s talking about AI. But it’s for a good reason.   This year, artificial intelligence has completely transformed how marketers and customer service professionals approach consumers, and pretty much every aspect of their businesses.   In a game which values personalisation, AI’s ability to process millions, and possibly billions, of…

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Humans Vs Robots: Is Ethical Retail Marketing Possible With AI? 

blog ethical retail marketing possible with ai

It’s an age-old question. When the robot revolution happens will humans be replaced? Will every job be automated? Will society be changed forever? Okay, maybe it’s a little less dramatic than that.   But with the rapid growth of advanced technologies such as AI, marketers are asking the big questions: how much technology should we be…

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Everything you need to know to build your first Report!

blog introducing clicdata reports

Did you ever wonder how to create beautiful reporting documents, that can be printed out on multiple pages or shared in PDF format? Search no more, because this is what our new visualization module Reports will enable you to do! What are Data Reports? Data Reports are multi-paged documents meant to display information gathered from…

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Retail Technology Show: Event Session Recap

blog rts 2023 event sessions recap

With 100+ speakers on stage at the Retail Technology Event, the possibilities and insights were endless. But what was the word said more than any other in the two days? Well, it comes as no surprise with the tumultuous state of the last few years; everyone was talking about innovation, innovation, innovation. How will retailers…

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What Business Data Should You Protect With Encryption? Avoid the Disaster

blog data encryption how to protect business data

Running any kind of business today without collecting user data is nearly impossible. All companies may hold confidential client information on their servers, whether they are privately owned enterprises or public healthcare institutions. Exposing such data to third parties or malicious actors could lead to hefty fines and irreversible damage to reputation, as Marriott Hotel…

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Marketing Data Analytics: Why Isn’t Delivering On Its Promises

webinar data analytics in marketing

Data analytics has moved to the mainstream. Over 80% of marketing professionals deem data analytics highly important or absolutely critical. Moreover, nearly 90% use it for important projects, the majority of projects, or always. It equips marketers and marketing managers to tackle everything from lead generation to customer retention.

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3 Retail Trends You Should Care About in 2023

blog retail trends

The world of retail is always changing, and 2023 is no exception. With the expansion of buy now pay later providers, the rise of omnichannel retailing, and the increasing popularity of digital wallets, retailers have some exciting new opportunities to explore. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at these top retail trends and…

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14 KPIs To Measure The Quality Of Your Leads

resources ebooks 14 kpis to measure the quality of your leads

14 KPIs To Measure The Quality Of Your Leads With these KPIs, you will be able to measure the effectiveness of your marketing and sales lead acquisition strategies: Volume of leads per category Sales performance monitoring Lead value KPIs You also get a free dashboard example with all the KPIs that you can use with…

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5 Digital Transformation Trends for SMEs in 2023

resources ebooks 5 digital transformation trends

Unlock The Power Of Digitalisation For Your SME In 2023 Discover the secrets to SME success through digitalisation with our latest trends report 5 Digital Transformation Trends for SMEs in 2023.  Learn what these trends mean for your business and uncover tips on how to take advantage of them in your business. In this trends report we…

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10 KPIs For Project Managers

resources ebooks 10 kpis for project managers

10 KPIs Every Project Managers Need To Track KPIs can be used as an effective control tool. Instead of waiting until a project is completed to evaluate the performance, the project manager measures periodic progress against set targets to determine whether the project is headed in the right direction. Download this cheat sheet of the…

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Data Analytics in Marketing in 2023

resources ebooks data analytics in marketing

In recent years, marketers have faced an unprecedented acceleration of data collection which has brought with it information overload and complexity to the decision-making process. We surveyed top marketing professionals to understand the state of data analytics in marketing. Download your free copy of the report to access results, uncover opportunities, and discover challenges faced by…

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