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Clicdata Webinar Data Analytics 101

data analytics & clicdata 101

In this webinar, we go back to the origins of data analytics and how it's used today for business management. We also cover the components of ETL (Extract Transform Load) and the different visualizations you can use in your dashboards and when you should use them. You can download the slide deck here.

Webinar Api Webservice

unleash the power of apis with our web services connector

In this Webinar, learn how to take full advantage of our Web Services connector to collect automatically data from hundreds of applications through API. See how it works in a live demo.

ClicData Webinar BI Project Implementation

implement your bi project faster

Learn how to make your business BI-ready with our audience, data collection, call-to-action, and KPI wireframes. Our team of Business Analysts can help also help you implement your BI project faster with our Full-Service BI options.

Clicdata Webinar Dataviz Best Practices


In this webinar, one of our Product Specialists is walking you through some of the best practices in data visualization. She's also giving you tips on how to keep your end-users engaged with your dashboards by keeping them clean and simple.

Clicdata Webinar Big Data

Big data & clicdata, get better reporting

Learn how to use ClicData and our connectors to your big data toolsets like Google BigQuery or Amazon Redshift to create meaningful reports. Learn how to slice and dice your data, how to optimize your view and stored procedures and build the dashboards for your audience.

Webinar The Next Hot Thing In Bi

the next hot thing in business intelligence

Let's take a look at the Future of Business Intelligence and how ClicData will evolve to follow the trends. Get a sneak peek of our new features that will be launched on Q4 2019, Q1 and Q2 2020.

And many, many more webinars

Learn how to connect, blend and build insightful reports with tips from our Product Specialists.